Best Ways to Consume Cannabis

Smokers have options these days. Not only are there hundreds upon hundreds of strains of cannabis to soothe your soul, there are numerous ways to consume the product, too. Gone are the days when smokers were limited to only one or two options. Today, there are dozens of cannabis consumption options. Learn some of the best ways to consume cannabis below and make sure to try all of the techniques out at least once!

Paper or Cigar Paper

Some people prefer to roll a ‘joint’ while others prefer to roll a ‘blunt.’ Whether you prefer paper or cigar is your choice. Either way, this is the most commonly used way to smoke marijuana and according to many, the easiest. It also uses more marijuana than other consumption methods.


Some smokers call them pipes; others prefer to call them bowls. No matter your name preference, this is a product that helps smokers easily consume their weed. There are tons of fun designs, colors, and styles to choose from, which enhances every smoke sesh. Furthermore, the pipe is an affordable product, with choices priced as low as a few bucks.



Many people prefer to vape marijuana these days. It is less toxic than lighting the cannabis and provides a smoother, cleaner high for users to enjoy. There are tons of vapes out there to pick from and your choice makes a difference in the quality of the smoke session. Choose wisely. There are vapes priced for budgets small and low.


The bong is another favorite cannabis consumption method. Water is placed into the bottom of a bong, which cleans the marijuana before it is lit and inhaled. The water also intensifies the high. Bongs, like vaporizes, pipes and bowls, come in assorted designs and styles so it is easy to find something that perfectly fits your smoking style.

Alternative Smoking Techniques

Where there is a smoker, there’s a way, no matter what circumstances threaten the day. Alternative ways to smoke your bud include through a coke can or bottle, through an apple, or even using dictionary paper.