Esports Myths

Esports is big business. Since it first come about several years ago, the phenomenon of online gaming as a sport has caught on quickly, and with players located across the world. One lucky player netted more than $3 million betting on esports. But, is this all hype, or is there really money to be made in esports? You can believe that many myths exist surrounding esports, but this is not one of them. Here are a few more esports myths that you should know the truth about.

You Need Experience

If you plan to compete and win, it does help to have some gaming experience. But, that isn’t to say that you cannot learn as you go and come out on top. Many people do it. You can play esports with or without experience and enjoy the fun all the same.

eSports isn’t Real Sports

That is totally false by any account of the word. In fact, there are competitions where people gather just to watch others play in esports! It is as real of a game as chess, checkers, or others that you would play. It is a new day and age, remember.

You Can’t Really Win Money

As mentioned, this is a myth. Many people have won large sums of cash by betting and playing and so can you. Although you might not win a million, you can win well into the thousands or more. And, who knows? You could be the lucky winner to score the cool mil.


Esports is Hard

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve enjoyed online betting or how familiar with esports you are. You will find it simple from the very start. After you play a couple of times, it gets even easier at Esportsjunkie. You will soon be the next esportsjunkie and there isn’t a thing in the world wrong with that!

The myths above prove that you shouldn’t always believe everything that you hear. It is easy to fact check these days and doing so can help you avoid bad situations or miss out on the fun that you want to enjoy. There are many people enjoying esports as we speak and it is time that your name becomes one of them. What is there to lose?