How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back in 3 Steps

Breakups are hard, especially when you know the two of you were meant to be together. What can you do to ensure he comes running back and make this time apart just another blip on the radar? Here are some tips on how to get your ex boyfriend back.

1.    Have zero contact for 4 weeks.

For one full month, you need to be completely unavailable to him. Don’t call, text, email, private message, nothing. If he contacts you, don’t respond unless it is an emergency.

You need this time to gather your emotions and let go of the pain that has been caused by the breakup. Your first instinct is going to be to cry and then you’ll want to cause him pain. Neither of these things will help you get him back.

Use this time to work on bettering yourself and not focusing on him. Plus, it’ll make him realize how much he actually misses you.

2.    After the 4 weeks, send a cute text.

You’ve spent the last month improving yourself. You’re in a better space now. You’ve done a lot of “me” work. It’s time to send that initial contact text. Avoid the temptation to sound needy or desperate. It also won’t help to be mean or cruel.

Since you’ve had no contact, and didn’t lash out at him, he’ll definitely be wondering what you’ve been up to. Send him something like this: “Hey, just saw a commercial for that restaurant downtown we liked. It reminded me of you. I’m glad that we discovered it together.”

how to get your ex boyfriend back

This shows that you’re not texting him to get him back. It’s a subtle and positive text that simply demonstrates the good times you used to have together. Avoid trying to manipulate him into getting back together. It should seem like his decision.

3.    Remember to keep positive

You must always show him that you’re doing well without him. Your mindset should be positive and healthy. You’re a strong, independent woman. You’re not trying to get him back, but you think it’d be a shame to throw away the bond the two of you had.