Saying Aloha To Games Galore And Sayonara To Heavy Traffic Boredom

If you’re an office worker then consider yourself very lucky. Yup, no matter how bored this makes you, you still have a job to leap up to in the morning. You should feel privileged to be traveling in a stuffy bus and tube trundling off to work every morning. You should be grateful that you have a few weekly coins every morning in order to buy your favorite takeout cup of Joe.

Aloha Games

Just think, if it wasn’t for your regular nine to five gig, you’d never have been able to by that spanking new smart mobile we see you holding in the palm of your hand.

Just about every morning you’re able to say hi to and chow to your heavy traffic boredom. Just spare a thought for those guys stuck in the long job queues every morning. They’re so broke, they can never come close to even the basics you’ll always be finding at your fingertips when you play games like Geometry Dash World.

If they’ve got a mobile at all, then it’s one of these tedious tractors that require you press into those buttons real hard. Struggle as they do, they have to move real quick before their battery power conks out again. And there’s no wall socket for them to rush off to while they’re stuck into that job queue of theirs. That queue moves so slowly, and you’ve got the audacity to complain about being stuck in heavy traffic.

Really guys, spare a thought for those guys. Many of them won’t be eating tonight. But who really cares. That’s how it is for most of you guys. It’s a cruel world out there and somebody’s got to take the fall. Who can blame you for not giving a stuff. You worked hard to get where you are today. And now that you’ve read this, you’re actually quite glad that you’re stuck in heavy traffic. Then again, you’re actually chuffed because you’re on to your favorite mobile gaming apps. Geometry Dash World again.