Watches For Men Tailor Made For The Distinguished Gentleman

Watches for men

The distinguished gentleman is unafraid. He is not afraid to furnish himself with a few more tailor made wool suits finely crafted in the classic fifties style. He varies his pace as he goes from a straight two buttoned coat to the formidable double breasted jacket. Watches for men, it would appear, are also tailor made for this gentleman. His hairstyle reflects the bygone era but so too the classic features of his good watch.

He is always a cut above the rest, standing head and shoulders above them too. He is a giant but not in the physical sense. He is very good at keeping up his good posture. It also makes the work of his bespoke tailor a lot easier, every time he orders another round of suits. He is very much in keeping with the mode and the mood, but do not talking to him about following trends. He scoffs that these are merely fads, and like everything else in this modern life of ours, they too will pass.

But not the classics. What then is a classic? You know, so many essays have been written in response to this timeless question. The gentleman in question, you could just say, is a classic, in more ways than one. You have seen just how clothes make the man. But look at the fine jewelry he wears. It takes a truly modern but classical man to acknowledge a fondness for precious stones and gems and wear them to boot.

But only with the subtlest of hints. He does not need to show off artlessly. But given that he is a man of action, actions do speak louder than words, you are going to catch a glimpse of his timeless set piece. Although it is the era for such things, this then is no digital affair. The man picks out Roman numerals and the three standard hands. Battery power is good in this day and age but the elegance of his craftsmanship allows him to meticulously wind up his affairs always on time.